Carbon management

Carbon management is about monitoring and gathering data on resources use. In most commercial facilities that’s mainly electricity, gas and fuels, and non-recyclable waste. Reducing any of these, even by a small percentage, can save you money.

Apart from saving money, there are a lot of good reasons to look at your carbon management and carbon footprint: from a marketing advantage to fulfilling customer requests for information. From an engineering/sustainability perspective it is another tool, another way to track your resource use.

It is an accounting standard, so improving your carbon management will involve shaking up your accountants and your billing systems – never a bad thing!

Greenbriar Consulting manager Wendy Hird can undertake a review of your systems to improve your resources use. She can:

•             Develop carbon inventory and recommend reduction plans

•             Review Environment Management Systems and recommend policy and KPIs that drive management initiatives

•             Undertake staff training and workshops

•             Recommend improvements to metering and monitoring, and changes to staff and maintenance practices.